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What is Bariatric Gurney Transportation?

Bariatric gurney transportation or better referred to as bariatric transportation involves a collapsible stretcher used by medical professionals to safely transport patients over 300 pounds. Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) insurance is a coverage meant to protect vehicles offering bariatric transportation services. These vehicles feature specialized equipment to ensure that bariatric patients are transported in safety and comfort, and therefore require special coverage by insurance policies. Keep reading to learn more, and contact The Wright Risk Consultants to get the coverage you need.

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NEMT Auto Insurance Coverage

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation vehicles must always be insured, just as any commercial-use vehicles must be insured for their corresponding businesses. This insurance coverage, however, must be tailored to the specific use of the NEMT. This is where multiple paratransit policies come into play. Bariatric Gurney Transportation insurance coverage is unique in that it only covers these vehicles with special equipment made to transport bariatric patients safely and securely.

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Worker’s Compensation for Bariatric Transportation Drivers

Not only does the bariatric gurney transportation insurance have to cover the vehicle itself, but the driver as well. In fact, it is a state mandate here in Mississippi that NEMT drivers are insured and protected. Since NEMT drivers are workers, it falls into a Worker’s Compensation policy under the umbrella of NEMT insurance coverage. While the workers in the medical transportation community are often very difficult to insure, The Wright Risk Consultants can help you get the coverage that your NEMT vehicle and its drivers need.

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