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When Lives Are on the Line, Make Sure You Are Covered

When time is of the essence and someone's life is on the line, the emergency vehicle you use needs to be safe and insured — there’s simply no other option. At The Wright Risk Consultants, we understand the crucial role performed by your emergency vehicle, and we’re passionate about taking the hassle and stress out of insuring it. In addition to offering comprehensive non-emergency medical transportation insurance, we also provide our customers excellent ambulance insurance and more. The Wright Risk Consultants team is proud to serve Tennessee, Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama, and beyond. Read on to learn more about our emergency transportation insurance, and request a free quote for your business today.

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Find the Best Emergency Medical Transportation Insurance Policy With Our Experts

Insurance protects you against the unexpected, freeing you up to give your passengers the attention they deserve. In your business, you have more important things to worry about than your insurance coverage, so let us take stress out of the equation. Our team offers more than 30 years of experience in the emergency medical transportation insurance industry, which means we know what works and what doesn’t. We also understand the small considerations in coverage that other insurance consultants miss. Most importantly, we’re genuinely determined to help emergency operation owners protect their patients and their business. After all, you go the distance to protect others — it’s time you experienced the same dedication. You’ll find that and more with The Wright Risk Consultants.

Another part of what makes our service unique is that non-emergency and emergency medical transportation insurance policies are our specialities. These policies are not merely a side aspect of what our company does, they are our primary focus. This allows us to use our professional knowledge and 30+ years of experience to find a policy that is truly suited to the needs of each individual customer and their business.


Areas We Serve

The Wright Risk Consultants team is based in Jackson, Tennessee, and we are also capable of serving a wide range of states both near and far. If you’re in Tennessee, Georgia, Mississippi, or Alabama, reach out today for a consultation. If you don’t call any of these states home, no problem! We are capable of serving you anywhere in the United States — contact us and see how our unmatched service and experience can benefit you in getting the right policy.

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You take care of others with your emergency medical transportation services — let us take care of all your insurance needs. The Wright Risk Consultants take your emergency medical transportation insurance personally, working with you at every step of the process to ensure the best and most comprehensive coverage. We also offer unbeatable functionality when it comes to compliance with dispatcher insurance, auto ID cards, and more. Learn more when you get in touch with us — contact us today for a free quote and get the emergency medical transportation insurance you deserve.