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Does My Insurance Cover Non-Emergency Medical Transportation?

If you are wondering if your insurance covers non-emergency medical transportation, this blog post is for you! We will go over what non-emergency medical transportation is and how to find out if it is covered by your insurance. If non-emergency medical transportation isn't covered, we will tell you what options you have in order to transport yourself at little-to-no cost. For more information, contact the team at The Wright Risk Consultants today!

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What is Non-Emergency Medical Transportation?

Non-emergency medical transportation is non-urgent travel to get the healthcare services that you need. These transportation services can be local or distant. They’re also almost always much cheaper than their emergency counterparts.

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How Can I Tell if My Insurance Covers Non-Emergency Medical Transportation?

Check your policy to see if non-emergency medical transportation is covered. If the word “transportation” appears anywhere in your coverage, then that means non-emergency medical transportation may be an option for you, and it's important to note there are limits on what types of non-emergency transportation services will be covered.

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Should I Have Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Coverage?

Non-emergency medical transportation can benefit both the patient and their insurance company. However, it is important that you do not get non-emergency medical transportation services when they are not necessary. Additional coverages can be expensive, so if you can drive yourself to medical appointments or have access to a reliable driver, such as a friend or family member, you may not need non-emergency medical transportation coverage. Carefully evaluate this need in order to prevent your insurance premiums from increasing.

Non-emergency medical transportation can be very beneficial for patients, but it's important to only use non-emergency medical transportation when you need it. If your insurance doesn’t cover non-emergency medical transportation, don't worry! There are always options out there that will help you get the healthcare services you need without costing an arm and a leg, such as rideshares, non-profit shuttles, and more. Learn more by contacting the experts at Wright Risk Consultants today!