How is My NEMT Insurance Rate Determined?

Though there is no set standard for how NEMT insurance rates are determined, there are still many factors that are taken into consideration. Continue reading to see how your NEMT insurance rate can be determined. Contact The Wright Risk Consultants to learn more about NEMT insurance in Tennessee.


Driving Records / Company Track Record

Your drivers’ driving records play a huge role in determining the NEMT insurance rate. The driving record for all of your drivers will be thoroughly checked by the insurance company, which includes speeding tickets, accident records and more. As you can guess, a clean driving record will allow your company to receive lower insurance rates so it’s important to make sure you have safe and responsible drivers for your company. Also, if the company has a proven track record of providing safe driving/running a safe transportation company, that will help lower your rates.


Driver Training

If you have newer hires, then it’s most likely they need much more training compared to your seasoned drivers. Providing your new drivers with proper training courses to prepare them for hazardous conditions, and accident prevention can help lower your insurance rates once they complete the training.


Transportation Equipment

Depending on your vehicles, you may have higher or lower insurance rates due to each vehicle/equipment’s risk factors. For example, wheelchair and stretcher vehicles will have higher insurance rates due to their high risk factors of passenger injury. The vehicle’s condition/age also comes into play. Newer vehicles will be less expensive to insure since they haven’t had much time on the road and don’t have as much wear and tear as an older or used vehicle.



Each state has different laws and regulations for NEMT insurance requirements, due to each location’s physical attributes. There may be certain areas in a state that have higher danger zones that need to be taken into consideration. Therefore, NEMT insurance rates in one state will be different from those in another.

Since there is no standard for how your NEMT insurance rate will be determined, you can take into consideration these above factors. These factors are only a few that can determine your rates, so make sure to ask your NEMT insurance provider what else you should consider. Contact The Wright Risk Consultants today to learn about NEMT insurance in Tennessee.