What Factors are Increasing My NEMT Insurance Rate?

As an NEMT company, you want to properly insure your drivers and fleet to ensure their safety. Your NEMT insurance rates may seem high to you, and we will tell you why. Continue reading to see what factors are increasing your NEMT insurance rates. Contact The Wright Risk Consultants in Tennessee to see how we can help you.


Poor Driving Record

It’s important to ensure that your drivers’ driving records are clean. A poor driving record will result in higher insurance rates due to their high risk. Make sure to properly train your drivers regularly to prevent any accidents, speeding tickets, and more. Your drivers are transporting passengers who may be at risk, so it’s important that they are thoroughly trained for the job.


Wheelchair and Stretcher Vehicles

These vehicles pose higher risks for passengers who are injured and, therefore, will require higher insurance rates than companies who use more usual cars as transportation. This is because if your passenger has a wheelchair and it falls over, it creates a high risk incident for the passenger and driver. Stretcher vehicles usually transport patients with health risks, which increases your company liability and, in turn, will raise your rates.


More Vehicles and Drivers

The more vehicles your company has as well as drivers, the higher your insurance rates will be. You are covering many important vehicles and drivers on the road, so your insurance rates will convey that. This factor is unavoidable for many NEMT companies, but that is why your insurance rate may be higher than a smaller company with less vehicles and drivers.


Previous Claims

Your company will receive higher NEMT insurance rates if your drivers have had previous claims. The amount of claims is taken into consideration, but this includes any damage to the parked vehicle, rear-end collisions, backup accidents, and more. Overall, any previous claims will most likely increase your insurance rates.

There are many factors that can increase your insurance rates, which even some are unavoidable such as the amount of vehicles and drivers you have. Certain factors can be fixed to help lower your insurance rates including training your drivers more thoroughly to prevent accidents. If you are looking for an NEMT insurance provider in Tennessee, contact The Wright Risk Consultants today.